Unique Business Cards With Fast Internet Connection?

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Unique Business Cards Will Set You Apart From The Competition. Search-4-Me Business Cards™ seemingly function like an internet search! Your prospect simply writes your name or occupation title in the internet style “Search Box” as if to do an internet search for you. Amazingly, the blank side of card seemingly turns into your business card in full-color and can feature your picture, logo and desired contact information, all in high-resolution! It’s looks like modern technology, but it’s really M A G I C! Watch the video now…

Our product will build instant rapport with your prospects and established clients lightning fast the moment you give them this unique business card! They’ll beg and prod you for the secret & that’s where the unique value comes into play! You can’t achieve that level of social comfort with your prospects by any other means, short of days or weeks of relationship building. Click here to Tweet..
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Want to see our line of videos featuring various goofy characters that use our unique Business cards? click our channel name “promotionalbiz” located above the main video screen .

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