10 Amazing Cars You Won’t Believe Exist

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From incredible self-driving cars to ones that can drive underwater these are the top 10 most amazing and unbelievable cars ever!!

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4. Hydrogen Car Art Installation
This art installation may not be drivable but what’s underneath is the real piece of art. The art installation was made by Olafur Eliasson in 2007 as a part of the famous art series, “BMW Art Cars”. He made a metal shell and sprayed the metal with water intermittently for days until the metal had a think layer of ice coating it. The product of the work was a beautiful, modern piece of art that wows everyone who views it. However, the car that was used as the structure of the piece is the revolutionary BMW H2R and it’s the first race car to ever run on liquid hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen runs much cleaner than typical fuel and it doesn’t sacrifice any of the power that electrical cars do. The car can reach speeds of 186 mph. This is the dream car of the environmentally conscience adrenaline junkie.

3. Cadillac Aera
This concept car introduced by Cadillac in the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. It was presented in the same category as the previously mentioned Mercedes Biome car and actually took the prize over the Biome. It features an ultra-light design at about 1000 pounds with the structure being made from a super-strong and light metal alloy. The design of the car is inspired by patterns found in nature, like the natural grouping of bubbles. The car’s structure uses a 3D lattice pattern. The interesting part of the car is what inside the engine: nothing. The car replaces the typical car engine with the technology of compressed air. The engine produces smooth and quiet drivability. The car can go up to 1000 miles before a refuel. The exterior of the car also has air cells that can improve safety. The same technology can be seen on the Mars Rover. The Aera is smooth, efficient and modern. The mass production of the car will probably not be happening for quite some time, however.

2. Rinspeed sQuba
The Rinspeed sQuba is just what it looks like. It’s a car that can function as a submarine as well. The car features 3 electric engines, one for the street and two for the sea. The car is a prototype right now and one can be purchased for one and a half million. However, the car is estimated to cost 250000 when it enters production. The car was inspired by the submarine car in the James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me. The car drives underwater using two jet propellers and it can reach about 1.9 mph underwater. On the street, however, it can reach speeds of 75 mph. The car can contain a driver and a passenger. The air for diving is provided by the car using scuba diving air regulators. Without passengers, the car will float naturally to the surface. The car also has a self-driving feature for those a bit freaked out by driving underwater. The makers of the car are remarkably self-aware, as they will be marketing the car as a “toy for rich people”.

1.Mercedes Biome Concept Car
This sleek vehicle is more than it appears to be. The Mercedes Biome concept car was introduced at the Los Angeles Design Challenge in 2010. A challenge was given at the event to create a car that was less than 1000 pounds and still functions and ran. Mercedes went above and beyond with this concept and introduced a car that wouldn’t be built in a factory but, in a lab. The car they made had the infrastructure built out of a material similar to agar jelly, a jelly substance made from algae. The material was dubbed, “BioFibre” and it weighed in at a grand total of 875.5 pounds. Because of the structure of the car, the vehicle would be completely biodegradable. The material is stronger than steel and incredibly light and flexible. The cars would be made to each customer’s specifications and all of the materials of the car, including the tires, would be made from seeds. The vehicle would also run on a chemical created by the materials of the structure when it reacts with oxygen. It’s unlikely that we will see these cars on the road anytime soon but, it is very exciting to see this kind of innovation being made. A car like this certainly makes us reconsider what we believe makes a car, a car. .

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